The Creative Team

The creative team at 2D House is the backbone of everything that comes out of it. We take pride in our work and deeply enjoy doing it. While appreciating all the challenges we maintain that having fun is key and as a result we are always working at our best.

David Dvir: Lead Artist

"I've always loved photography. I took a bit of a roundabout way of getting to where I am now however I don't think I would change it if given the opportunity. Taking Astrophysics at the University of Toronto is a far cry from photography although despite that I have learned a lot of valuable lessons during that time which have helped me with my photography career. I'm one lucky guy to be able to be working in a field that I could only describe as a lifelong dream. Now I'm precisely where I'd like to be and my job is probably the best in the world, at least to me."

The Rest of the Team

The rest of the team is comprised of very like-minded individuals. Called on when the job deems fit, this group of talented individuals is made up of specialists that Dave brings on for any given task. Within this network of 2D freelancers there is a guaranteed surplus of talent that is always tailored to task at hand. Any potential client can feel assured that 2D only enlists the aid of top players in the industry.

Internships and Other Opportunities

Interns are a great resource and here at 2D, they're very welcome. After having our first interns around we've really appreciated their work ethic and excitement regarding the industry. We encourage any would-be interns to apply by sending us an email here:
We also welcome other interesting opportunities so feel free to drop us a line.

Studio Particulars

This 18ft high, 2500Sq Ft studio, is designed to help accelerate the creative processes for everyone at 2D House. It's packed with all the latest technology and has a variety of amenities to aid the team in their work like:
  • a full kitchen
  • two bathrooms
  • comfortable lounge
  • durable epoxy floors
  • and many more.
With over 1400Sq Ft worth of shooting space and gear to fill it, great results are always around the corner.